Programy a algoritmy numerické matematiky 16

3. - 8. června 2012
Dolní Maxov

Proceedings of Seminar
Proceedings cover

Programs and Algorithms
of Numerical Mathematics 16

Edited by:
J. Chleboun, K. Segeth, J. Šístek, T. Vejchodský
Institute of Mathematics
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Prague 2013
ISBN 978-80-85823-62-2
226 pages
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Cover page 1-2 download
Contents 3-6 download
Preface 7-8 download
S. Barton,
T. Krumpholc
Driver's influence on kinematics of articulated bus rear axle 9-14 download
D. Bimova,
D. Cerna,
V. Finek
Wavelet bases for the biharmonic problem 15-20 download
M. Brandner,
J. Egermaier,
H. Kopincova,
J. Rosenberg
Numerical modelling of flow in lower urinary tract using high-resolution methods 21-28 download
D. Cerna,
V. Finek,
M. Simunkova
A quadratic spline-wavelet basis on the interval 29-34 download
M. Certikova,
J. Sistek,
P. Burda
On selection of interface weights in domain decomposition methods 35-44 download
J. Chleboun On the optimal setting of the $hp$-version of the finite element method 45-50 download
P. Chocholaty Integro-differential equations with time-varying delay 51-56 download
J. Dalik Superapproximation of the partial derivatives in the space of linear triangular and bilinear quadrilateral finite elements 57-62 download
J. Elias,
J. Zitko
Approximate polynomial GCD 63-68 download
V. Finek,
M. Simunkova
Parallel implementation of wavelet-Galerkin method 69-74 download
C. Fischer Massive parallel implementation of ODE solvers 75-80 download
M. Hanus A new perspective on some approximations used in neutron transport modeling 81-87 download
M. Horak,
M. Jirasek
An extension of small-strain models to the large-strain range based on an additive decomposition of a logarithmic strain 88-93 download
J. Hozman Valuing barrier options using the adaptive discontinuous Galerkin method 94-99 download
R. Kana,
C. Matonoha,
S. Papacek,
J. Soukup
On estimation of diffusion coefficient based on spatio-temporal FRAP images: An inverse ill-posed problem 100-111 download
R. Keslerova,
K. Kozel
Numerical simulation of generalized newtonian and Oldroyd-B fluids flow 112-117 download
J. Kralovcova,
L. Luksan,
J. Mlynek
Heat exposure optimization applied to moulding process in the automotive industry 118-123 download
J. Krcek,
J. Vlcek,
A. Zidek
Tangential fields in optical diffraction problems 124-129 download
L. Krupicka,
R. Stefan,
M. Benes
Coupled heat transport and Darcian water flow in freezing soils 130-135 download
V. Kucera Error estimates for nonlinear convective problems in the finite element method 136-141 download
J. Mlynek,
R. Srb
The optimization of heat radiation intensity 142-148 download
V. Mosova Shape functions and wavelets - tools of numerical approximation 149-154 download
L. Pospisil An optimal algorithm with Barzilai-Borwein steplength and superrelaxation for QPQC problem 155-161 download
J. Prikryl Graphics card as a cheap supercomputer 162-167 download
I. Pultarova Fourier analysis of iterative aggregation-disaggregation methods for nearly circulant stochastic matrices 168-173 download
P. Salac Optimization of plunger cavity 174-180 download
K. Segeth Smooth approximation of data with applications to interpolating and smoothing 181-186 download
J. Vala Numerical aspects of the identification of thermal characteristics using the hot-wire method 187-194 download
T. Vejchodsky Guaranteed and fully computable two-sided bounds of Friedrichs’ constant 195-201 download
M. Vlasak,
V. Kucera
A priori diffusion-uniform error estimates for singularly perturbed problems: Midpoint-DG discretization 202-208 download
J. Vlcek,
L. Luksan
Modifications of the limited-memory BFGS method based on the idea of conjugate directions 209-214 download
J. Zitko,
J. Elias
Calculation of the greatest common divisor of perturbed polynomials 215-222 download
List of participants 223-226 download

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